10 top favourites things about Wedding Day Prep…

The sun rises and the alarm clocks go off…it’s Wedding Day for that lucky Bride-to-be and her family!

All those months of preparation, decision making, choosing colors…egg plant or lilac…seating charts, booking venues & vendors, dress fittings, menu selections, cake tastings, winery visits…it all has lead up to this day…the day where you just haveto sit back and ENJOY the day. There is nothing else you can do at this point that you haven’t already done, or delegated…

…BUT are the Brides, her Bridesmaids and Family up for this huge task??

Most times when I show up for Morning Of Preparation, among one of the first questions I ask is…”How ya feeling…Excited”?!
Now I have been so, so, so lucky with my Brides…they have been the best of the best…most of them super cool and chill all day…but it seems as soon as it’s time to get dressed and their hair and makeup is done…the butterflies are in full flight in their bellies. A feeling I can empathize with, as I’ve been there. I can remember too, being very, very relaxed on my Wedding Day, until my best friend took her first steps to head down to the altar, and I was left with this rush of emotion and adrenaline I’d never experienced…all good emotion and adrenaline, but nothing I could refer back to in another time in my life and how I overcame it, or controlled it.

Thank Goodness I had my beloved Mom and Dad on each arm!

I would haveto say…I definitely take it upon myself to make sure if they are getting off track or getting nervous I step into full gear and try to distract, bring them back to reality and to remind them…’hey’…you’re ok…you’ve got all your loved ones here and today is gonna be over…’like that’, as I snap my fingers sharply.

But I have had some clients who are definitely letting their list of things to do take over their most important day.

And this is where things get funny and entertaining…I haven’t had anyone lose it yet, but some major comedic moments have happened!

Here are my top 10 favourite things about Weddings:

10. You gotta love when your Bride is a tall Brunette, an athlete, extremely personable…and totally gorgeous…and then she just has to top it all off by wearing custom golf cleets as her Bridal shoes, because her and her man love golf that much! Let’s just say she made those Wilson golf shoes look damn good!
9. Definitely a good day at work, when your station to set up for Bridal Party prep is in a part of the house, that’s called the ‘Bridal Wing’…loved getting the opportunity to be a part of a Wedding that took place at one of Whistler’s biggest Mansions!
8. Having some 1 on 1 time with one of my Brides before her Bridal party shows up…we listened to a sweet play list and shared some great conversations about life, love and the ways of the world.
7. Witnessing one of my Brides go for a hard core Mountain Bike ride with her fiance and 28 of their friends, followed by some yoga, then finally getting her in my chair to start hair, while she drinks a Jamaican beer and munches on a banana!
6. Having a Breast Cancer Survivor, Mother of the Bride tell me how beautiful she feels and thanking me for making her feel normal and beautiful again…
5. Watching Chinese traditional games take place in the next room via skype, from the bedroom with the Bride!
4. Not being able to turn down Mimosa’s at 9:30am because the man asking me was hearing impaired  and also the ‘Father of the Bride’, and a true Scotsman…a country I hold dear to my heart…he didn’t speak the words to ask me, but it was the way he held up the glass and looked at me…how could I possibly say no to that?!
3. One of my Bride’s…her Grandfather who was 93 who could barely hear anymore, and was a WWII survivor was one of the last one’s to get up on the Wedding Day, because he was one of the last one’s to go to bed the night before…can’t blame a man who loves his scotch! When he woke and was walking around he had us all in stitches…gotta love a man at that age who can still work a room!
2. Without giving up too many juicy details, and stories, my work station not only attracts all the girls in the house to come and hang out, in their jammies, while doing all kinds of beauty regimes for the big day…cold spoons on their face (you know which Bride you are-lol), it has become a hub for small talk and bonding…and needless to say…there is some Barber Shop talk that goes on that is book worthy…I leave feeling fulfilled of girl time and gossip! lol

And my # 1 favourite things about Wedding Day Prep…
…Being told , after a huge hugs that last forever, that they couldn’t have pulled off their day ‘without me’…words I will never ever forget…I am a blessed business woman to hear 🙂

I love what I do and do what I love!

I love all my Brides, and their families. Thank you for continuing to make my work place, simply the best!

I look forward to creating more top 10 fave lists…