My 1st Guest Vlog!

You just never know who you are going to meet when you go to a new gig!

Late last month when I was asked to do Hair & Makeup for a segment that was being featured on Global TV…I had no idea I would meet such an interesting and awesomely funny individual such as Jenny Schafer!

She is a Senior Editor at Celebrity Baby Scoop and also the Co-Founder of!

Not only is she a contributing writer to an amazing book called The Naked Truth that is being developed on Postpartum Depression alongside Bri Oliver of Luv U Photography, but she also is the mother of 3, and a huge part of two amazing companies!

The best conversations happen in my chair with my clients when I’m doing their Makeup & Hair and I’m so honoured what transpired from meeting Jenny…she asked me to Guest Vlog on!

What a great opportunity for me to get my thoughts out to a large audience, and share topics and tips on things I love!
The first vlog she chose to feature was one of my Youtube tutorials on an easy, quick makeup application for busy Woman on the go!

Please check it out HERE!

I’m already working on my next featured blog and vlog!

Just goes to show that going to work and doing what you love not only brings you happiness, but also brings you new opportunities!

Thank you Jenny!