1st Squamish Mother’s in Business!

This past April, I had the honor of being asked to speak at the first ‘Squamish Mothers in Business’ (SMIB) Networking Event.
SMIB was created to connect professional mothers in Squamish with valuable business resources and each other.
Raising young children and starting families takes alot of commitment in the home and this is where alot of ideas are born and nurtured.
We all have it in us to do something great, and when we support eachother, we all grow and we are all successful!

Myself, and 3 other Mothers in our community were asked to speak to an audience of 100 attendees at the Squamish Adventure Center. It was a real treat to tell our stories and interact with other professionals in town.

The organizer Shannon Lorenz, gave each of the speakers a word, and we were to elaborate on this word and how it helped us grow our businesses.
My word was ‘sales’. Sales is a love of mine, and a strong point.
In my previous profession of Sales & Marketing for 3 different Wine Agencies over 8 yrs…has enabled me to maintain a go-getter attitude, and this has aided in me growing my business the way I have.

Having events like this in our community is so important, it encourages everyone to follow dreams and if you have an idea…why not nurture it and see what it turns into!

My philosophy has always been…’I’d rather be sitting as an elderly person and say…I tried that…than saying…I wonder what would of happened if I had pursued that idea…’.

We all have dreams…and ambitions…and as woman let’s all grow together and support eachother!

It was nice to attend last week’s 2nd SMIB Networking Event and hear 3 more speakers…and I look forward to more in the future!

It’s so nice to be in the presence of such amazing Mother’s and Business Woman!