7th Annual Deighton Cup

Vancouver has many events that take place all year long…but some in particular are events that cannot be missed!

Love sports, high end fashion, champagne in the afternoon, amazing canapes, and surrounded by beautiful people out to have fun…then the Deighton Cup is for you!

This past July, marked the 7th Annual…and it was on fire!

It’s one thing to dress up when you go out…but this event is where attendees really step up their game!

The Deighton Cup hosts the Style Stakes…which awards the Best Dressed the coveted title!

Fascinators, Ascots, large brimmed hats, fedora’s, 3 piece suits, and bright colors as far as the eye can see!

No matter who you came with, you will leave this event with countless new friends and connections, and a memory that you did something kick ass during your summer months!

I had never been myself…and I definitely do not like to miss an opportunity to dress up and attend a high profile event.

Deighton Cup Style Director Crystal Carson, and my good friend had me participating in the Style Stakes Belle du Jour Promotional Video, and with CTV Morning news with Keri Adams for the DC Fashion Segment…two very cool components to be involved with!
I was lucky enough during these two experiences to get to meet 2014’s Best Dressed winner Shannon, and get to do her Hair & Makeup for the Style Stakes Video, getting Fiona Forbes ready for her interview with Hastings Hattery owner & milliner Rachelle Cashato, and Anna Schmidt Headmistress of Hype,  and to help get Crystal’s models camera ready for CTV segment.

When planning my outfit, I wanted to make sure to work with some of the sponsors already involved with the event, so it was easy when it came time to choose where I would get my fascinator from….Hastings Hattery!
Everything just fell into place when putting my outfit together…and it really was all about my Royal Blue large Disc hat!

While at Deighton Cup, I was mingling with old colleagues, friends, industry peeps, and met so many new ones. I was sipping Veuve Cliquot in the VIP tent, while the sunshine and laughter surrounded me. If this wasn’t enough to heighten your senses…there was also thoroughbred’s racing in the beautiful backdrop of Hastings Racecourse.

This was an event I highly recommend you experience next year! You will not regret it!

Check out photos here!