Ali & Kelsey…These two tee’d it up in perfect style!

It’s not very often you get a statuesque Bride, who can rock a gorgeous Wedding Dress and drive a golf ball like she should be on the PGA tour…But I got the pleasure of working with such a girl!

She was one of my first requests of 2012 for her summer Wedding and right from the get go, I could tell she was laid back by the way she conversed with me.

Even from her emails she had me laughin’.  We were trying to organize a day to meet, and agreed on a location other than her house, because her dog barks when he hears the hairdryer! lol

You get one idea of what your Bride is like through email communication and at the trial, and then you really get to see the true character on the Day of…and Ali stayed true to the girl I had been in contact with…amazingly lovely.

I felt like I was hanging with girlfriends I had met before.
I definitely ‘love’ meeting new people or else I wouldn’t be very good at what I do…but I truly do love it.
I enjoy meeting someone, finding out things about them and seeing the family and friends who help shape who they are.

It’s pretty cool to get to in the room when they first wake in the morning, and their in their trendy pj’s, in their fancy hotel room, and the Bride and her Bridesmaids are very bonded. They have laughed all night, stayed up late, going over small and big details, checking things off the list, all the while probably popping open a few more beers, or perhaps another bottle of wine. I seriously have heard and seen it all.

Ali was super chill from the moment I got to her room. Honestly. Her calmness was remarkable, and if I could’ve bottled it and sold it…well you get the picture…haha

I loved the style of hair and makeup she chose, a loose, and unkept low bun, and very inviting natural makeup. No false lashes was needed on this Bride, her long lashes were that of much envy.
Her dress was absolutely stunning. Full skirt, strapless sweetheart cut top, with a partial see through stomach…it was so classy but very youthful and perfect for her!

Kelsey her soon-to-be, was in uniform when he met her for their first look…the pictures say it all!

A beautiful back drop was prominent at Nicklaus North, as they exchanged vows, and I loved how they hit the green to tee it up directly after! The perfect venue for two golfers at heart!

Ali’s new last name is Wilson…and her Wedding shoes were personalized Wilson Golf Shoes…it was so creative!
And Argyle socks to boot! lol

It’s a day I won’t soon forget and I’m so happy to add this to my list of 2013 Weddings, and to call Ali…my friend.

All the best Mr. & Mrs. Wilson…I hope a round at St. Andrews will be in your future 😉

Check out more of their day here: Ali & Kelsey 


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