Back to School fast approaching….

Back to School….seeing old friends, new classes, going to buy new books, pencils, highlighters, and binders…but what I also loved, is wearing my new clothes!!!

I used to love when my Mom would take me shopping when I was younger, and I’d come home with all my new stuff…the first thing I would do is lay them out on my bed, and make tear sheets of how I would mix and match them.

I would look at the accessories I had, and figure out what would go with what and how they would compliment my outfits the best.

I wouldn’t get a new wardrobe for school, but I’d always get important pieces for tops and bottoms that I could mix and match and could wear with many things!

Seeing ads for Back to School Fashion can be intimidating…you want to look good, but you can’t afford all the hot, new fashions…so what do you do??

I always followed what was the latest trending clothes, outfits and fashions…but then I found it interesting and mostly fun, to go out and find similar pieces for a lesser price.

For example, right now Cardigans, flats, skinny jeans and cross body bags are super popular…A Cardigan from Banana Republic, which I love, can run you $74.00 …where as a Cardigan from say Old Navy could run you $29 bucks! The difference you save from buying your Cardigan at Old Navy allows you to go out and get a good pair of flats…because you’ll wear them almost every day and they will need to be hold up all that running you’ll be doing to get to class on time, and catching that bus 😉

Jeans can also be quite expensive, and what if you don’t want to stick to black jeans? What if you want a grey pair, a faded pair and perhaps even a funky pair for those days when you wanna stand out? So I suggest go smart on this purchase too! You can hit up so many places to grab skinny jeans! This allows you to get more for less!
…while still being fashionable and trendy!

Incorporating fun tees, and denim on top is always in style! Leggings is also a must for any closet!
I love this look!!!

It’s fun to splurge on a great new accent piece of jewelry to go with all your outfits for the school year, so now with the money you’ve saved, now you can go back to Banana Republic and buy that really cool necklace you saw in clearance! A piece that will never go out of style!
Lastly, every girl needs some new makeup in her cross body bag…like a lipgloss!
Something that goes well in the day, and can transfer into the night when you skip out with friends to catch a new movie!

Look for Styles that suit you best…if the weather is still warm, then wear some of your summer pieces that transfer well with fall pieces…this way your Fall/Winter new duds for school, can be saved for when the weather gets a little more chill!

Whatever you choose for your school fashion this year…choose it because you love it and it works ‘for you’!
Walk with pride, smile and say hello to fellow students passing by…chances are they are a smart shopper like you, which means you already have something in common!

Enjoy these last days before school starts, and good luck!!! Be kind and meet new friends…the school year will be way more fun!