Coming off a very busy week of Weddings….

So this past week…I experienced 4 Weddings.

I can remember booking each and every one of them.
Some earlier on in the year, and another just a month and a bit ago…
I felt that when I wrote them in my calendar for Sept ’13…that they were so far away, and my Wedding Season had great longevity.
…And now here we are…Sept 9th and I already have 4 Weddings down. What???

These Weddings were all over the place! Nicklaus North, Brockhouse Vancouver, Terminal City Club, and Sunwolf Resort…Clients from Vancouver Island, Downtown Metropolis and even as far as New York City!

Brides from Nurses, to promising¬†Ophthalmologists, to Neuroscientist, to Physiotherapists….I guess you could say I was surrounded by very strong, intellectual women!

I mean seriously…how often are you surrounded by these diversity of intelligence in one week? All I can say is I’m pretty damn honoured to have been, and to boot, it was for their most important day in their lives…. their Wedding Day!

The venue’s they got married at, some were new for me and some I do quite alot of business with…which I am thankful for ‘everyday’.

I had large bridal parties this week, to small and quaint. Trendy hairstyles and makeup looks, to old country Hong Kong traditions.
I do alot of Asian Weddings, but for this particular one, I got to be a part of the whole day and night. I got to see the Bride first thing in the morning, prep her for her ¬†Tea Ceremony, to all the festivities of her day, and she made me feel like part of the family…even inviting me to dinner and to stay around for her remaining traditional dress changes. It was an amazing experience, one I won’t soon forget.

Every Bride has a story. Some heartbreaking to how she got here, and others, full of triumph, laughter and just plain ol’ good times. No matter what the story, I am still humbled by the respect, love, and acceptance I get for each and every job I show up to do. I think I still pinch myself that I’m doing what I love. I leave with tight hugs, kisses on the cheek and blessings for making their day special….what more can I ask for in a profession.

Each and every Bride and Wedding I do, is really such an entity to me. I go to work, do my absolute best, and all I can think about is…this is someone’s most important day and she chose ‘me’ to be here…and for that I owe her my absolute everything. I am grateful….and 4 Weddings in a week ain’t no thang….bring on more…I’m ready! lol

Thank you to Holly, Heather, Willette, and Lindsay for having me be a part of your Weddings this past week…you each were loving, relaxed, considerate, and most importantly a pleasure to be around. Thank you for all the moments we had that we laughed, shared thoughts and plans…I will treasure those always.

I wish you all the very best…enjoy the high of being Newlyweds…it’s EPIC!

I will remember last week always, and be forever grateful for supporting this chick’s small business!

Sincerely, Christina …. XO