Dave & Barb…A romantic Wedding Getaway!

When you’re from Toronto, getting married in Whistler might not seem like the first destination that would come to mind, but it’s definitely makes the most sense, because it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Canada.

Concrete Jungle vs. Oasis in the Mountains…there really is no need to sell this concept any further.

Every hotel and lodge in Whistler is beautiful, gorgeous, memorable, etc, etc…there is not one better than the other in my opinion…they all serve their purpose, they all offer something different from the rest, and whether it’s a difference of stars that matter the most…it really comes down to holder of the room key.
It’s about appealing to a certain family, couple, group of friends, or an individual away on business.

For Barb and Dave, their perfect hotel was the Nita Lake Lodge.

If you haven’t heard of it or stayed there…it doesn’t take long to fall in love with it, whether you are surfing through photos online or reading reviews.
It’s located in Whistler Creekside, the original Whistler back in the day. I remember when I moved to Whistler in ’99, Creekside wasn’t as developed as it is now.
Nita Lake Lodge is a newer hotel accommodation to the ski resort and I remember when I first stayed in it, upon it’s first few months of being open. The rooms are adorable, the feel is straight up ‘Lodge’, it’s located on a beautiful Lake to boot. The decor is that typical cabin feel.

So without even knowing Barb & Dave when I first got into communication with her, I was thrilled to be involved in her special day at Nita Lake, as it was also going to be my first Wedding at this location.

Barb is a hard working realtor from Toronto, who knows how to relax and enjoy downtime at their cottage in the Muskoka’s. On top of all that she’s Beautiful and getting to do her Makeup & Hair I knew was going to be fun!

When we met for her trial a cpl days before her Wedding…as I do with all my Brides, we got to know eachother and I did what I do best…listen to what my client wants on her special day and do my absolute best to give her the look she deserves!
The look for hair and makeup was a collaboration of what she wanted, and advice from me on what would look best, and work the most.

When I arrived on her Wedding Day, I got to meet her 2 best friends…her family, her fiance…everyone! I always consider this an honour.
Among the fact that my work station for the day is in the most fanciest room in the lodge…I am surrounded by alot of laughing, hugging, happiness and I’m doing what I love…what a perfect combination!

All in all, her Hair and Makeup was such a compliment to her and when she was in her dress, ready to go…I just sat back and reflected on the work I did and whom I got to work with and was simply, thankful.

There was a moment, when I was cleaning up my work area, when Barb went out to take a much needed ‘memory in the making’ moment to have a toast and talk with her 2 Bestfriends on the patio of her Honeymoon suite, before leaving for her ceremony…I saw them hugging, toasting, laughing and a few tears they were trying to prevent from coming down their cheeks, and I couldn’t help but think…man am I ever lucky to be a part of this.
I am apart of this huge circle of artists and professionals who are helping make Brides, Grooms and their Family and Friends enjoy such a precious day.

I always leave with lots of happy thoughts and when I get home, I’m thrilled to see my family after a hard days’s work…then it’s time for me to enjoy a glass of wine, and toast to another Wedding I can add to my accomplishments 🙂

All my best to you Barb & Dave, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your day!!