Editorial Shoot at Blanche MacDonald!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing makeup for an Editorial Shoot that was done at the Robson st location of the highly popular school-Blanche MacDonald!

The Stylist Jessica Wooding’s objective was to put together 2 looks…one being a “West Coast’ theme, and the other a feminine, fashionable “Military” look.

She asked me to come on board to complete the makeup & hair, and was happy to do, because Editorial makeup is edgy and you can play around with all kinds of different colors and looks!

She wanted an accentuated electric blue winged eye, with a coral lip, and almost atmospheric hair on the model Vanessa, who already had natural curly locks. On Tara, the other model, who rocked the military look she wanted more of a dirty, smoky eye, with extreme red lips!  The two looks couldn’t of turned out any better and the photographer was amazing!

Jessica’s inspiration for the West Coast look came to fruition when Vancouver was dubbed one of, if not, the ‘worst dressed city’…so she proved with this look that toque’s, fingerless gloves, wool tights and Cowichan sweaters ‘can’ be sexy, and really it’s only a handful of ppl in Vancouver who maybe give us all a bad rap 😉 lol

All in all, amazing day, stuck to the schedule and popped out great work!