“Eyebrows”…the frame to your picture!

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I love sharing facts & tips when it comes to beauty…and one of my favourite parts of the face is the “Eyebrows”!

Eyebrows are sexy, and when you have trimmed beautiful eyebrows, it makes any makeup look that much more polished!

Filling in your eyebrows does not make you look older, contrary to whatever you think!
…It honestly is like framing a picture!

Most woman think that they haveto overpluck their eyebrows, and change their shape…but the truth is…your eyebrows were made for ‘your’ face and just some simple trimming is all you need!
Other than unruly hairs on the top of the brow, you don’t want to mess with this area…this is where your natural arch comes from. Once you start plucking away too much, they can grow back in coarse and shoot in a different direction…this usually results in ‘overplucking’. I believe eyebrows having some thickness to them, definitely gives more of a natural look.
Your brows have their own arch, and shape, and some simple ‘clean up’ is usually enough!

Even if you are someone who has overplucked and has lost your natural shape, then filling them in is a great option for you…and you can have the shape and arch you want! That’s the beauty of this product!

Now if you have eyebrows like Bert from the Muppets, well then in this case 2 eyebrows are definitely better than 1! lol

They make amazing products for woman now to help you get the perfect brow look you want.
What I prefer over any brow product is powder, applied with a small angled brush.
It’s easier than using a pencil which can create harsh, unnatural lines on your brows, and for the beginner this can be something that takes awhile to learn.
One of my favourite out in the market is the Anastasia Brand!
It has powders and gels in every color, stencils to help you create the look you want, and highlighters to emphasize your sexy arch.

I have had people ask if I do eyebrow shaping, and yes I do!
So if you’d like to discuss this further and see what filling in and shaping your eyebrows can do, then please contact me for a consultation!

Even if you wear minimal makeup, or you have a big event coming up…you will see a positive change with this small makeup step!