…getting Married is special for everyone…not just the Bride & Groom!

…In the eyes of a little girl…seeing the Bride and her Bridesmaids get ready, laughing and putting on beautiful dresses, is magical for them…They see someone they can look up to, and want to be like when they grow up.

…The parents of the Bride & Groom…they’ve waited their whole life for this moment…the moment when their baby says “I Do” to the person they love…and begins on a promising future together.

…Friends get to be a part of the most special day in their best friends life…sharing in the joys and bliss. Being there to help pull of the most perfect day for them, even when it is amongst stress, things falling through and disagreements taking place. They are not biological family, but they are in our hearts.

…Siblings you grow up with, they know who you really are, good and bad…but on the Big Day, they couldn’t be more proud to be related to you, and see you engage in such a momentous and remarkable experience.

…it really is a day about ‘everyone’ the Bride & Groom, know and love…it’s a collaboration of old and young, near and far, all coming together for love, happiness and to give blessings for two people as they embark onto the next chapter. To give well wishes, as two lives now become one.

And before you know it, the Wedding Day has come and gone, and life moves on, and you have the benefit of looking back on this memorable day and know that everyone you loved was there for you, and celebrated to your happiness…and without each and everyone of them…that day could not have been possible.

Cheers to “Family & Friends”!