If you haven’t thought about using a Videographer…you must!

The Wedding Industry is full of amazing, and talented professionals that I get to meet each and every week…

Something different is happening at every single Wedding I attend…themes, decor, venues, traditions incorporated, dress designers, photographers, and while having someone film moments of the Wedding Day are standard, having someone put a montage clip together of your special day, with music…now that’s something to watch!

In years past, and still today, getting your special moments on film is a standard. You take clips all day of kisses, hugs, candles, dancing, exchange of vows, etc….and then when the day is over, you put your disc in to view your day…and that’s what you view it like…a bunch of clips. It’s still special no matter how it’s viewed, because it’s a memory caught on film and you’ll have for always.

But then I meet Modern Romance at a Wedding Show this past March.

If you haven’t checked out their site, or heard of them…you must take a second to find out who they are and the amazing work they do.

While at the Hush Wedding Showcase last March, I was lucky enough to added into one of their videos summing up the details of the Event for Terminal City Club…the show’s host venue.

All night long I had seen the team at Modern Romance, scanning the crowd with really cool equipment, really interacting with everyone, and chatting, just really personable people. I got the pleasure of meeting the owner Ru Batron…who is the most down to earth girl you’ll meet, super easy to converse with and she has the most amazingly, talented group of people working for her.

I didn’t know when I’d get the chance to work with them again, but I hoped it would be soon, as when they sent me the link to the video they created from Hush, I just really had an appreciation for their work and admired what they do.

Then a couple of week’s ago while I’m with a new Bride in her hotel room, prepping her for her Wedding Day, who steps in but Tony from Modern Romance!! I was so thrilled to see him, and the team show up!

They filmed the whole day and we all go to enjoy the dinner reception with the Bride, where I got to catch up with my beloved friend Ru, and as I expected she was as busy as I was. Back to back Weddings…and working her butt off.
Knowing how busy she is, always amazed me at the turn around time they were releasing finished quality clips from their events. Kudos Ru, Kudos.

This was a very big Wedding we got to do together, and the clip was simply awesome! Really captured the day and the couple’s energy perfectly. Willette & Dominic’s Day!

Watching a clip of your day to music and professional editing…is simply awesome. It’s worth it. They capture things that most of us would miss…and they have an eye for detail and special moments!

I highly recommend that you consider Videography at your next event or special day coming up…Modern Romance does not dissappoint!

They also were just feature on VanCity Buzz for producing the first ‘Slow Motion Video‘…Check it out!

Ru…can’t wait to work with you again girl! You and your team are among the best out there…and I wish you continued success!