In the middle of Wedding Season…

Wedding Season for me is in full swing!

I often reflect on how lucky I am with the Brides that have hired me and that I get the honour of working with.

I’ve had Brides from Near and as Far as New York, New York…and all so lovely, that I know I’ve created a lasting relationship with.

Once the Bride gets her photos, there is nothing better than receiving an email of thanks and to view their beautiful gallery, and see our collaboration shine in the photos!

I’m noticing Brides this year are opting for a more natural look, with tousled hair styles but still polished at the same time.
Loose Chignon buns, are topping the list with popularity!
In regards to makeup, individual lashes are always a hit! I like them because you can build the perfect lash line with them, and create a more natural look for the Bride, while still keeping that doe-eyed looked!
Winged eyeliner is always a favourite too! This creates a licker lash line and gives the eye a little bit of Sass!

At the end of the day, the most important point for a Bride is how ‘she’ feels, and what ‘she’ wants!
I’ve seen time and time again lots of Bridesmaids, and family members trying to tell the Bride what they think she should do with her hair and makeup, but she’s the one who has to ‘love’ it!

I pride myself in using the trials as a consultation to really find out what the Bride wants, and to make her feel confident about her Wedding Day and how everything is going to turn out!

I love what I do, and take pride in my job…and look forward to everyday!