Jan 26th “Boudoir Portrait Marathon” with Luv U Photography!

This past Saturday, I was given the opportunity to do Makeup & Hair on clients of Bri Oliver of Luv U Photography!


Bri included me in on this opportunity, and what a fun event it was!

She specializes in Family Photography, babies, newborn, the whole thing! She has a great story and truly is doing this because it makes her happy, she is passionate about it and she just wants to capture memories on film for people, as she has captured of her own 4 boys! And her clients love her!

I share this passion of my work with her, and I feel this collaboration was a great fit, and I endeavour more opportunities with her moving forward!

The women that came to have Boudoir done, were already beautiful women, mostly mothers, and all basically very happy that they took time out of their ‘very busy’ lives to do something like this ‘for themselves’. Photos of them looking stunning and sexy, a boost of more confidence, but most importantly ‘Having Fun’…why wouldn’t you, right!

I was really happy and felt privileged to do their Makeup & Hair, as most of them, hadn’t been pampered like that since they got married…so it was a big compliment to me when they got up out of my chair and walked away with a little more Sass’ in their step! lol

Boudoir is more popular now, than I ever remember it being…more women are capturing milestone’s in their life, big birthdays, or just celebrating being a Beautiful, Happy Woman!!

I can’t wait to work with Bri again on more events like this!
She’s very talented and was so amazing to work with!

Stay tuned … I’ll be posting photos of her work once I receive!!!