Was on set tonight filming final scenes of “Triangle of Me”.

Used new products tonight that I’m a big fan of because of longevity, consistency and quality!

First brand I want to talk about and share with all of you is:

“it cosmetics”:

-Brow Primer…this matches almost any brow color!

-Brow Power lift…this is an instant lift and wake up call in a stick! You can use on your eye, lips and brow bone…instant lift!!

-Powder blush/stain…exactly as it says, but when I say stain, I mean stain…long wearing, and will go the distance! Apply liberally. This kind of product is good though because you get to gradually build and see how it looks on you. Your cheeks are not just rouge from brush strokes, they are rouge from the pigment of your blush.

Next brand is:

“Amazing Cosmetics”

Yep that’s right…it’s called “Amazing cosmetics”…because it is!

Products I’d like to talk about from their line are…

-Eye shadow primer…this product promises long wearing, no creasing, day to night coverage, and they don’t dissapoint!

-Amazing concealer-this is magic in a bottle…If it’s good enough for George Clooney’s girlfriend, then hey…it’s good for me! It really is amazing though…all the top artists swear by this little tube of magic! Use is for under eye, blemishes, red/dark spots, and if you have red ¬†veins and any discoloration…this tube is gonna be your new best friend!


Check these out…if you’re looking for quality….these two brands pack the punch when it comes to Return on your Investment!