This time in my life…

Being pregnant is described by almost any new Mom to be, as the most precious time in your life.

It is filled with body changes, flutters, baby kicks, and growth for not only the little baby growing inside you, but for the expecting Mommy aswell, and not just physically, but emotionally.

It’s a special time for Husband and Wife…a new experience and journey shared by two people that love eachother so much.

Every month is different, bringing new firsts and things to look forward to, as baby gets bigger and develops so quickly.

When I was pregnant with my first child, Easton, everything was so new. You don’t know what to expect and you are doing your absolute best to do everything right and take care of baby and yourself the best you can. There was a little more time to nap, relax, watch movies, continue to exercise at the gym, go to functions, and shop endlessly at the mall for all the right accessories, clothes and furnishings to prepare for baby.
I am thrilled and blessed to be pregnant and expecting with my second, whom is to be arriving anytime now, but things change the second time around!

This time in my life brings many new adventures, thrills and moments to look forward to!
The second time definitely goes by alot faster, as I’ve been through this before now, and know what to expect, but there’s these little tiny things that you forgot about and then are brought back and you find yourself saying, ‘oh yah..I forgot about this’.
It’s kinda fun to relive those tiny thoughts and moments!
I remember finding out that I was expecting again, and it was so exciting. I was very emotional, and when I found out, my son was with me at the Dr’s…I was so happy with tears in my eyes, and just hugged my little guy and looked up and said ‘thank you’!
Although you know what’s ahead, it’s different the second time around in an amazing way. I had such a great pregnancy with my first, so now that I was expecting again, I had alot to look forward to.
One thing that I found really exciting was how I was going to tell my husband the news! I mean I had done it before, but now I got to do it again…the look on their faces, no money can buy! It’s one of the greatest, most priceless moments, and how ever many we get, we must be thankful for each of them.

With having a toddler, the naps are fewer the second time around. There aren’t so many moments with your feet up relaxing, spending afternoons planning, shopping and lunching with friends, not as many trips to the salon to have mani’s & pedi’s but what your days are full of are; spending quality time with your first and your hubby, and looking forward to the moment when you bring home the new addition, and your family becomes bigger, and you just can’t imagine it any other way. Suddenly life just got a whole lot better with these blessings in it…something we created out of love, and brought to us to bring happiness and joy in a way nothing else can. That’s why having the balance of a happy home, relationship and doing a job you are passionate about, just makes you realize how amazing life can be.

You somehow as a mother, just find the energy, and are completely ok doing without all of those things you did before.
You are managing so much on your plate, sometimes you have no idea how, but you just seem to do it…as you have no other choice, and being with family is the top priority, and there is no where else you’d rather be.

I have worked through this whole pregnancy and have really enjoyed showing off my bump to every event, client and Wedding I am hired for. It’s so fun to share my story, my experience and my wisdom with those whom have not yet had kids, but are excited to start a family. It’s a time in my life, where I am preparing for a new child and the things that are important to me, take an endorsed back burner for the moment.

Things that are important to me are my family #1, our health, and happiness.  But also what is important to me is staying true to who I am and my beliefs and dreams, being an example to my kids, husband and closest friends and family that I am a woman, with goals, ambition, focus & direction, and while we can’t always do it all…we can always strive to continue to be the best we can be for our kids, but also and equally important to ‘ourselves’.

There is nothing more beautiful than a Mother, pregnant or not, who is doing the best she can to raise her kids, be a great role model, wife and loving partner, all the while striving to become all the things she wants to be and going after what she wants.

I treasure, value and savour all these moments. The moments I spend with my son, the moments I spend with my husband, and the joys and conversations I share with my family of the days to come with 2 children…it is a special time.
Yes, pregnancy comes with swollen ankles, sleepless nights, uncomfortable days in the heat, clothes that don’t fit properly, pains, muscle cramps…the list goes on…but in the grand scheme of things, these are all so miniscule when it comes to how amazing pregnancy really is.
One day we’ll be old and grey and will look back on these times, and realize like the saying goes….’the little things end up being the big things’.

With 6 days to go till my due date, I am savouring these last days, and rub my belly as much as I can to interact with my little one, and savour all the kicks, stretches and movements going on inside as much as I can.
But am counting down the moments till I hold and meet my new baby and we look eachother in the eyes for the first time, and I fall in love all over again, and I will surely look up to the sky and say ‘thank you for this blessing, and this time in my life’.

2 kids, a loving husband, home and family, our health and happiness…it’s all I need 🙂

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