So! Your Wedding is just around the corner….

So if it wasn’t enough that you’ve got a Wedding to plan with things to do like getting invites out, who’s coming and who’s not, picking a venue, 4 Bridesmaids or 3, Honeymoon or not, White dress or Cream, Winter Wedding or Summer, Church ceremony our outside service, Photographer only or Videographer too…it’s alot…but one thing I can’t stress enough, when it comes to choosing your Hair & Makeup look, just be ‘YOU’.

I’ve done enough Bridal trials with newly engaged woman to know that, it’s fine to pick a style that is a little outside the box, or a little fancier than what you’d normally choose for yourself because it’s your Wedding, and you want to look as beautiful and glamourous as possible.
But changing your look completely and choosing a style that is something your loved ones and friends have never seen, well your Wedding Day may not be the time to make this big jump.
Time and time again, I’ve done a trial with a Bride and we’ve ended up changing the style for the Wedding, because the Bride just didn’t quite like the look she originally chose for herself. What looks good on a celebrity, may not necessarily fit your hair type, style of dress and simply your personality. At the end of the day, you just want to feel like you, only a bit more polished and sassy!

It’s so easy to look through a celebrity magazine or pictures online and think, yes, that’s the look I want…and then you get it done and you realize ‘what the heck was I thinking’…or ‘whoa, that’ll never fly with my soon to be husband when he sees me’! lol

This is where I value the services that I’m offering.
I take it upon myself to be a consultant to my Brides…and always recommend a trial before their big day.
It’s a chance for us to get to know eachother and for me to do some fact finding about who my lucky lady is.
I always want to find out about her day to day routines, with makeup and hair, what are her hobbies…does she mountain bike and camp alot, or does she lunch on patios and never misses a chance to wear that little black dress!
I think it’s important to remind a Bride that she deserves this treatment from me or any other vendor she is working with, after all she’s the most important person!

These all help determine the right look for her to match her personality and most importantly, so she can walk down the aisle to her fiance, and wear her look perfectly. When you feel it, you own it!

I’ve had alot of Brides tell me the hardest part for them to wrap their heads around about their planning was choosing Makeup & Hair, and then finalizing the look they would go with, to match their dress.
When to me, these things should be the fun components of Wedding Prep! No one knows you, better than… ‘you’.
You’re gonna look beautiful no matter what, because everyone there at your Wedding, loves you and is there to wish you forever happiness.

There’s no better feeling than hugging my Bride upon completion of her trial knowing she loves the look we’ve decided to go with for her big day.
To know that she’s had time to talk to someone like me, who has lots of experience with Weddings and Brides, and now she feels like she has made the right decision. She is confident with her choice for Hair & Makeup, and now can look forward to showcasing her look to all of her loved ones.
You can see the look of relief on her face, when she has crossed this big thing off her list and now she can just relax and look forward to her big day!

When her friends ask her ‘What are you doing with your Hair & Makeup for your Wedding’? …she can now say ‘I’ve decided to go with______, and describe her look’ and say it with confidence!
That’s the beauty of having the trial…you get to see yourself in the look you’d like to have….you can actually imagine yourself in your dress on your big day, and you are ecstatic with how it’s all gonna come together!

I think Brides also don’t give themselves enough credit, you are newly engaged, you’ve never been married so everything is ‘new’…and that’s why hiring professionals is so important.
To me it’s not about the transaction, it’s about the interaction we have and the positive impact it adds to my clients day.
I believe in making memories, and creating a positive experience, and from the moment I communicate with my clients, I want it to be as comfortable and easy as possible!

So as your Wedding approaches and everything is falling into place, sit back, relax and enjoy this time in your life.
There is nothing else like it…of course having children is a whole new chapter, but for now you are a beautiful woman in the world, and you are about to say ‘I do’ to the man you love, and all of your family and friends are on cloud 9 with you.
So don’t let things get you stressed, be confident with your choices and trust your vendors to work with you to help make your requests become reality. “It goes by quickly…” as they say…and it really does, so take it all in, what will be, will be.

There is absolutely no way your Wedding can be bad if you are surrounded by your loved ones while you marry your best friend…no way.
You’ll look back one day and of course tell stories of what ‘almost’ went wrong and who got really drunk, that it started raining during your ceremony, or that hanging clothes off the sprinkler in the hotel room was in fact a bad idea…but these are what make the day more special. And you will remember them and tell them forever.

So! Your Wedding is around corner…so relax and enjoy this time, for soon you will be a Mrs., and life as you know it will be back to normal and back to the real world.