Winter Shoot featuring Rimpy Sahota, and her latest collection!

Social Media is a great place for us to connect with those in our Industry and those with similar personal interests.

Rimpy Sahota & I were following eachother on Instagram, but hadn’t actually met.

Recently we were both invited to Breakfast at Tiffany’s put on by Hawksworth Communications, and finally got to meet in person!

Well let’s say we hit it off…because we really wanted to work together.
With Rimpy’s new Winter Collection available…she needed it styled and Photographed, so an opportunity presented itself.

Originally we were going to shoot in Vancouver, but nothing says Winter then being surrounded by snow and mountains and Whistler has an abundance!

I quickly put a team together, to help put my vision to life, so we could photograph Rimpy’s fashions, and really showcase this time of year and how her pieces worked aswell.

We shot on location in Whistler, at a private luxury 6, 000 sq. ft home, with floor to ceiling windows, all you could see was snow falling and it was perfect!

Rimpy’s fashions hold something for everyone…when you wear her pieces you instantly just feel beautiful and sexy.

She brings class and professionalism to her designs, but also offers those fun, fitted, body hugging cocktail numbers for that Special Event too!

I work with alot of people on set, and I haveto say she is so sweet, and was so easy to work with.
It was like we had worked together before, many times…

I want to thank those who came on board to make this all possible:

Creative Director/Makeup/Hair/Styling: @rcrbychristina
Fashion Designer: @rimpysahota
Photographer: Andy Dittrich
Set Decor/Stylist: @bluevioletevents
Location: @thornhilrealestategroup
Set Assistant: @sassvioletmua

See photos here and behind the scenes shots….

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