Working with Amazing people, allows memorable experiences and people into your life…

When I met Gabi Moeller earlier this year, I just loved her.

She was a very straight forward, hard working, talented photographer living in my neck of the woods not too far away in Whistler. I love to work with vendors who are local, because I love the community I live in and like to keep the business at home.

She came to my house and we hung out in the backyard and got to know eachother. We both really wanted to work together, and had so many projects coming up for the year ahead, it was only a matter of time. Lots of my friends know Gabi and know of her work with kids, babies, and family photography…as many people I knew had worked with her and absolutely loved her.

I love each and every person I get the opportunity to work with, as every professional in the industry has a different point of view, a different eye for detail, and different creative points are brought to the project.

So I was delighted a cpl wks back when Gabi contacted me and said she had a client getting married this month, who was looking for my services.

Right from the moment I contacted Trish, until I hugged her goodbye yesterday, as she left to go marry her soon to be husband Bill…it was a very amazing, and nothing but fun experience for me.

When Trish came to my house for her Bridal Trial, it really ended up being like 2 girlfriends chatting. We established the makeup and hair look she wanted but pretty much just gabbed the whole time and we had eachother in stitches over different topics…she was so much fun to be around, and really a very sweet person.

She is a Squamish local…and a Mom to 2 beautiful daughters, one of them the same age as my sweet son, so we had a lot in common.

I was really excited for her Wedding Day to come, and yesterday was an amazing experience!

Of course this late in September, if it was anything like last year, it should’ve been warm and sunny…and as I pulled into Pemberton and was heading out to her venue at The Old Vineyard formerly known as the Pemberton Old Vineyard & Inn…it was dark, grey and wet out. But as we all know living in the corridor, weather can change in an instant, regardless of what your iphone app says! lol

My assistant and I started early, as we had 4 Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and of course the ‘Bride to be’ to glam up! If you’ve never been to the Old Vineyard, it’s a really cute, and charming venue. It’s an old ranch style home, there are horses, it’s in the country side, it’s rustic, and perfect.

I just love the morning of a Wedding. Since it’s not my Wedding Day, I’m always more relaxed. lol
But there are tons of people going in different directions, and things being set up, it smells like coffee and pastries, people are already 2, 3 Mimosa’s in…and there’s just a vibe in the air that I love.

Once all the Bridesmaids were finished, we moved up to Trish’s room to start her preparation. She honestly looked beautiful without any makeup on and her hair just naturally the way it was…but it’s a Wedding Day and everyone loves to be glammed up! We kept her makeup very natural and true to her, and her hair just big and beautiful curls keeping her hair down, with just a touch pinned up for the ceremony.

I always love stepping back once I’ve finished hair and makeup, as then all the Bridesmaids are running around and attending to the Bride, and of course the Mother of Bride is starting to tear up as she see’s her daughter getting into her dress…and of course as I knew and hoped it would…the sun is out and beaming through the window and hitting Trish’s dress so perfectly making it seem angelic, and the whole room is just bright and full of happiness.

As I clean up my work station, I am just taking it all in. I am admiring my beautiful ladies standing beside the Bride and how beautiful they all look, of course I am tearing up myself when I look at the Bride, and seeing them all together I can see why Trish has these woman next to her on her most special day…you don’t haveto be a stranger to know how much they all care about her.

Now about Gabi….

This lady knows her stuff. On top of the physical work out she did yesterday, up and down stairs, running to this part of the ranch, then back to another part, all the while directing and orchestrating everything perfectly. She didn’t miss any shots. She captured so many important moments, with so much going on…and she was amazing to work with. I definitely was feeling her greatness just by watching her work. I was thankful to be doing this Wedding with her.

I gave Trish a final hug, and thanked her for allowing me to be apart of her day…I exchanged some words from my heart, and with one last smile, my job was done. Now she was off to go be with her besties…and about to go marry her Husband to be.

And last but certainly not least, I went to give Gabi the biggest hug and thank her from the bottom of my heart for presenting this opportunity to me, and for the privilege to work with her. The whole day was a fun from start to finish, a work day I was very proud of, and all because of the amazing referral program we create for eachother as vendors in the Wedding Industry.

Trish & Bill…Congratulations on your Wedding, I wish you two all the best! I know I will see more of both of you! These photos of the two of you, that Gabi has snapped up, are magical.

Gabi…I cannot wait to work with you again…thank you, thank you! You do amazing work.

trish and bill