Crazy is the new Cool!

So we are 3.5 months into 2019, and how’s it goin’ so far?

Are your fitness goals, still just goals or have they been put into action.

How about that back bedroom full of clutter, that you keep putting things in and closing the door.

Or the fact that we should all turn our scrolling into business building, income producing activities, and give more personal and professional self care to ourselves.

They say “If nothing changes, nothing changes”…

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago…to me it was really weird to say “I’m gonna start doing this…” but then putting it off.

Why not hold yourself accountable right away and just do it right then and there.

I think with every year that passes, we continue to work on ourselves, elements of our lives, and our relationships.

All constantly evolving, shifting, and full of moving parts.

Some of the things I love about being an Entrepreneur is how it’s made me grow as a person.

It’s complimented my personal life so much, and has made me grow professionally too.

Where in the past you may have said no, now you are saying yes.

When you have a boss, you’re doing whats expected or asked of you, but when you are the boss, you do things with a little more purpose, necessity, and passion.

If my highschool self would have answered the councillor, when asked what I want to do after college or university, that I would become an entrepreneur, I don’t think I would’ve doubted that for a second.
Doing what…well that was still to be determined, but nonetheless, planned all along.
I could never put my finger on the ideal job for myself, but I knew where my passions lied and that if I had to, I would create my own way.

My first business Red Carpet Ready by Christina happened after the birth of my first son. All of a sudden a light bulb went off when he was 3 months old and it hit me with what I wanted to do. I didn’t try to recreate the wheel, I went in the direction of what I loved and made me happy…and that’s always been Beauty + Fashion.

I remember I told my husband I was gonna start my own business, and just saying it out loud sounded so good to me.

It was scary, because I had nothing to compare it to having never run a business before.

But I knew I wanted to share with everyone, so I focused on that first, and as time went on found myself really finding my stride.
Scaling back and not being distracted. Really focused on my brand, word of mouth referrals and offering the best possible experience for everyone that sat in my chair.
After all you cannot buy a compliment, you’re after the ones you earn.

There is always the worry of your business failing…but that’s the good pressure that makes you enjoy the successes more.

Everyone has great ideas. But sometimes putting them into action is the most difficult part.
To some it’s just so much easier just to hold onto the rope and keep doing what you’re doing…but taking a leap of faith for something that is important to you is gonna be something so out of your element, but so damn worth the effort.

Social media can be a big supporter and distraction in these choices.

This constant feeling of having to keep up with the ones you follow, and compare yourself.

I had the privilege of hearing Rachel Hollis speak last year and was so happy to hear her say  ‘Comparison is the death of joy’…amen sister!
The important thing we all need to focus on and remember is to focus on your own path, always. Let yourself be inspired along the way, but not that you get off course.

When it came to starting my own business I remembered something I was told a long time ago…that passion comes naturally and the rest you can be taught.
So in business do what you’re great at, and what you’re not, seek out those who can mentor and teach you. There are so many big communities of women and men who want you to be successful and I can personally say, it feels good to help others achieve great things.
It’s NOT crazy do try something new! Be a good example to yourself!

Looking back, I had so many people really go out of their way to support my new business and today when I do that for someone else…it’s a rewarding feeling.

Doing things out of your element does something to you…while most hold onto the rope while going through life because it’s safer, now you find yourself saying yes more and putting yourself out there. I mean we’ve been taught that since we were kids…go make friends at the playground, teachers breaking us up into random groups so we can connect with new friends, we need to keep being adventurous as we age.

This kind of mentality affects everything you do. Making better choices for what you put in your body because you’re working on your fitness goals. Enjoying positive endorphins from exercise and clearing your mind. I don’t know about you, but when I’m working out and my favourite song comes on, it pumps me up so much and I swear the ideas come rolling in!

I could not have imagined the doors that would open for me once I started making these choices. We now live in a world where when you step up people take notice. Confidence is a great attribute, and attracting what you want.

My business took off very quickly and it’s because I hit the pavement, and shared what I was doing with others. I took the initiative to find my network and demographic and let them know I wanted to work with them. Something always comes from meeting new people and the exercise of putting yourself out there, always.
There are tough times, and learning phases…that’s the truth…but that’s inevitable in everything we do. I’m often asked how I find time, being a Mom of 2 boys, but there is no answer to that. You make time for what’s important and that’s it.

It’s been 7 years as a business owner and I guess I wasn’t done there.
Someone once told me, why have 100% of 1 thing, when you can have 1% of a 100 things…and it changed my mentality.
Most successful people have multiple businesses and this peaked my interest huge.

Then enters the second business, one I did not seek out or expect to enjoy so much.

Being in the Direct Sales Industry has actually taught me alot. While others can believe the stigmas associated with how they work or what we do, I decided to focus my attention on what has always been important to me; sharing a reputable brand, treat my clients with the very best experience, build long term relationships, all while growing my business.

It’s been almost 2 years since I became a Consultant for Rodan + Fields and it’s very cool being involved with a Global brand, and utilizing social commerce to share and grow.

I have alot of pride for what I do, and feel very thankful to have 2 businesses that focus on helping people look and feel their absolute best. Teaching about true beauty and taking great care of yourself.
When you feel good and have confidence then that resonates with others and they see it!
As an Entrepreneur and I’m far from being done taking on new things. I believe in the laws of attraction so much, but all comes down to saying yes to adventure and knowing the worst that can happen is you fail.
But everyone fails at some point in their life…but from that is where things start to get really fun!

Make sure to share with the universe what you want, and instead of making it a resolution for a later time, just jump right in!!

Add another exciting chapter to your book.

So put on that little black dress, or your runners, pick up the phone, pursue an idea or opportunity, reach out to your network, attend an event you’ve been wanting to attend, introduce yourself to someone…trust me, great things will happen!

Stop saying “That’s crazy”…and say “I’m curious” instead!

Crazy is the new cool anyways!