Goodbye 2017, thanks for the memories…

Feeling nostalgic today as another amazing year comes to a close.

 Reminicsing today of all the magic 2017 brought for me…
To start I celebrated 10 years of marriage with my very handsome, sweet, supportive and loving husband Chris.
A milestone I’m very proud of. We didn’t do anything fancy to celebrate, but we did enjoy an evening at home with our boys, cracked some beers and toasted to what we have.
We’ve had our beautiful rancher now for 11 years, and this past summer finally started demolition to add another floor, totalling another 950 sq ft of new space. Our little home is finally growing up. A renovation that even our little boys have had a part in helping with. It has been fun designing with Chris…so much has come from it, and I am so excited as we are getting closer to completion.
My little boys had never been to Greece to meet our family so going back with my Mom and boys and spending most of the summer there was truly an unforgettable trip. A blessing.
Seeing my kids in the old country with family members cooking, dancing, speaking the language, taking in new cultures, eating new food, seeing where their Papou grew up, and all of us just sitting around the table being togehter…something I will always treasure.
Being able to travel to Cooperstown, NY to see my best friends husband, and our dear friend Tim Raines finally get up on stage and be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, with all our friends was truly an experience we will never forget. Seeing someone you know be recognized at the highest level after a long career of hard work is truly inspiring.
Red Carpet Ready by Christina celebrates another successful year in business, with next year going into my 7th year of business.
I was honored to be recognized for the 3rd year in a row as “Best Makeup Artist” in my community. A vote I take alot of pride in receiving.
This year I was also fortunate enough to work and collaborate with the likes of Karlene Karst, FIFA World Cup Soccer, ESPN, WNorth Conference, Bekah-Anne, Diane’s Lingerie, and be featured on a new TV series showcasing my Styling services coming early 2018.
I also produced an editorial photo shoot with Photographer Paris Kairis, Isabelle’s Bridal and Bekah-Anne in Santorini and was honoured to have it featured in Fresh Magazine.
Among all my projects, I also had many, many beautiful Brides who’s weddings I got to be a part of.None of it feels like work because I’m so passionate and truly just love what I do. To be with new clients and existing and seeing the transformation my time with them does, well it’s a gift.
Earlier this Spring, a very dear friend of mine sent me the text that we all love to receive…”Can you get away and come to Hawaii with me”?
A trip I would go on and would result in a new addition to my entrepeneurial portfolio.
I joined Rodan + Fields upon returning right away.
After meeting the most amazing women there, and seeing what this business had done for them and what they’ve done for the brand…I saw this as an opportunity that I could not pass up and an outlet to make another business flourish.
I have always believed that a million people could do the same job, but none like the way you would do it.
I was once told by a client of mine who owns multiple companies, that it’s better to have 1% of a 100 things, than 100% off 1 thing. Since becoming an entrepeneur my mindset has changed so much and I firmly believe when you are in a good place or bad…don’t be afraid of accepting change and taking new leaps of faith. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying something new. I’ve always been one to seek out adventure and challenges. Not interested in holding onto the rope at all. Definitely always need my own path.
Lastly, my adorable children who turned 6 and 3 this year. My biggest blessings of all…the ones I work hard for, and the ones I would do anything for. This year through all the tantrums, sibling rivalry and disagreements, they have also grown closer to eachother, doing great at school, and their sports and doing things that make my heart so happy. With every year that comes and goes I see them maturing and becoming such handsome and smart little boys, and they teach me as much as I teach them.
I believe in putting things out to the universe and letting it be known where you’re at and where you want to be.A New Year is a time for new things. If you don’t change and go after what makes you happy, then nothing changes.
I also believe we all have a prime in our lives. A time when you are meant to live big and be happy. Things could change at any time. So don’t let that get away.It’s crazy to think 2018 will be here in the morning, but as I look back at a fantastic page in my book, that is what makes me excited for all the adventures that lie ahead.
I never make resolutions for the New Year, I just try to maintain the trajectory of where I’m going and making sure it’s always forward.
Happy New Years everyone…may it bring you health, happiness and the strength to do new things and go after what you want!
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Thank you 2017…


Christina xo