The ultimate map…

Watch “Fashion and Backstage Action” here: Through life you go through stages in your life of what you love, what interests you, and finding out what makes you passionate. As a child growing up, I can specifically remember arguing with my Mom because I didn’t like what I was wearing. I would change a bunch […]

Happy to be a part of the Rodan + Fields Family…

Photo Cred : Gadbois Photography Before I was a Mom, I worked for 3 different agencies over the course of 8 years selling fine wine, champagne, high end spirits, and craft and import beers…for 8 years this was my life. I traveled to different continents around the world, became a brand ambassador and influencer, and […]

Winter Shoot featuring Rimpy Sahota, and her latest collection!

Social Media is a great place for us to connect with those in our Industry and those with similar personal interests. Rimpy Sahota & I were following eachother on Instagram, but hadn’t actually met. Recently we were both invited to Breakfast at Tiffany’s put on by Hawksworth Communications, and finally got to meet in person! Well […]

‘Women in Business’ Feature in Fresh Magazine!

On stands this month, I am honoured to be featured in Fresh Magazine‘s ‘Women in Business‘ Section. Vancouver is full of amazing women out there doing what they love, making a difference, working hard, juggling work and family…and to be associated with this kind of Magazine in this way…is something I’ve very proud of. To […]

As my business grows, so do I !

When I first decided that I was going to give my business a shot…I look back now and I’m so thankful that I took that giant leap of faith. I know what I’m capable of and know my strong points….but I love to learn, grow and only move upwards. I knew that I was going […]

7th Annual Deighton Cup

Vancouver has many events that take place all year long…but some in particular are events that cannot be missed! Love sports, high end fashion, champagne in the afternoon, amazing canapes, and surrounded by beautiful people out to have fun…then the Deighton Cup is for you! This past July, marked the 7th Annual…and it was on fire! […]

My 1st Guest Vlog!

You just never know who you are going to meet when you go to a new gig! Late last month when I was asked to do Hair & Makeup for a segment that was being featured on Global TV…I had no idea I would meet such an interesting and awesomely funny individual such as Jenny […]

YouTube Channel Launch!!

I’m so happy to share that I have my YouTube Channel up and running! I have been wanting to do for awhile, and I had so much fun making my first one! My 1st video A Fresh, Easy Day Look… I know how most women have limited time in the morning, so I […]